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Can I colour my hair with extensions in?

Yes. You can colour/foil/touch up your hair and regrowth as normal, the manufacturers don't recommend lightening your extensions but going darker is fine.

Can I use my regular heating appliances eg. dryers, curlers or straighteners etc on my extensions?

Yes. Hair can be styled/dried/straightened as normal.

How are these extensions applied?

They are applied using the latest Hair Friendly method of application, MicroRings or MicroBeads and the new thin locs. These are Silicon lined aluminium rings/beads and non damaging to your natural hair.

My scalp gets itchy sometimes with extensions in, why?

It's not as easy to clean your scalp as thoroughly with beads/rings in,  to help prevent possible itchies (build up of products /conditioner) avoid conditioner near the scalp, you only need to condition from mid lengths to the ends - blot dry then apply moroccan oil and blow dry. Please note- Moroccan Oil is not heat protection from styling appliances.