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Hair Bling Hair Extensions Ormeau

Hair Bling Hair Extensions Ormeau

hair extensions OrmeauOnce you find the right colour for your hair, you don’t want to settle for anything else. Matching hair extensions is an art; without the right coordination of colour, the extensions may look artificial or draw the look away from what you want it to look like. Finding the right services close to home is also important. You want to be able to get your extensions when it fits into your schedule and not trying to work around others.

The first choice to make in hair extensions is colour. You want the colour to fit your mood or your occasion. Today’s colours are not just as simple as blonde, black, brown, auburn, or gray; it’s about adding colour like you never thought you would. Funky colours are used for highlighting the hair with purple, teal, pink, orange, lemon, green, and more. These colours will add a different streak to your hair that will enhance the look, not become overpowering. Your extensions should always compliment your overall look so choose your colour carefully and if you choose blue or pink, or another bright colour, wear it with pride every day because they will blend in with your overall look.

More natural colours such as different tones of browns, blacks, and blondes can easily be blended into your look, leaving your completed look feeling natural and blending just right. Go out on the town or go to work, you will have the confidence you need to look and feel great and be your best no matter where you are.

Once you obtain your hair extensions at your Ormeau home, we can give you tips and hints on how to care for the extensions as well. Here are a few quick tips to get you started. Use the right shampoo recommended by the Ormeau beautician. Use bristle brushes to brush out the extensions. Don’t brush the extensions if they are wet; they are too fragile at this point. Tie your hair back in a loose low ponytail to prevent the extensions from tangling up while you are sleeping. The special tools you need to care for your extensions will come with it when you visit your hair extensions Ormeau beautician. Maintaining the look and feel of your extensions will extend the life of them and give you more for your money.

Remember, there are several different products available today for your hair so always check back and see what new items are here for you.  Hair Bling offers Mobile Hair Extensions and beauty services across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. So I you are in Ormeau or any of the surrounding areas, give us a call anytime!