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Hair Extensions Chermside

Hair Extensions Chermside

mobile hair extensions AspleyAn great way to book your mobile Hair Extensions in Chermside.

Hair Bling’s Hair Extensions Service on Chermside specialises in hair extensions, and other beauty services. We offer a range of extra services including teeth whitening.

Here is a review of different ways that we offer hair extensions in Chermside and the surrounding areas of Brisbane.

Micro and shrink links; these are more long lasting extensions which are added into ones hair by use of keratin or metal rings The process involves attachment of hair into small rings or even tubes which are then attached into pieces of natural hair. This hair extension is quite popular among people as it rarely damages ones natural hair and does not irritate those people with sensitive skin as it does not use solvents or adhesives which usually brings such effects. However they are not easy to remove and add weight to one's hair and loosen after some time. This method is not recommended to those with fine hair.

Bonding or gluing; here adhesives are applied into the roots of hair and extensions are attached. This method is usually very simple and fast and unlike other extensions it lasts for quite a shorter period. It usually involves longer braids of hair that at times could go up to 6 inches long

Fusing; just as the name suggests, here extensions are fused into natural hair. Small and shorter pieces of hair are best suited for this method of hair extension. There are two types of fusion, namely the cold and hot fusion. Hot fusion involves braiding extensions into natural hair and then bonding is done by use of wax adhesives. On the other hand cold fusion is rarely used as it is not popular among people. Fusion takes quite a long time to apply and similar amount when it comes to its removal, however this depends on the adhesive and technique used in it attachment.

Weaving; here extensions are sewn into the natural hair. In this method one's natural hair is braided tightly and the extensions are then sewn into the braid. The process quite takes a lot of time as persons natural hair has to be braided before attachment. To many people this procedure is very painful. It is also expensive though it lasts for a long period of time.

If you are looking for the best mobile hair extensions services in Chermside please give us a call today, we also cover most of the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas.