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Minx Nail Coverings

Minx Nail Coverings

Minx Nail Coverings - Direct from California. Be one of the First in Australia to wear these new coverings, Many many designs to choose from!

Where on earth would you find a completely new and unique product in nail fashion? In sunny California, of course, where the sun, sea and surf surrounds some of the most beautiful women in the world who need to look sensational whether they are waxing a surfboard, attending a movie premiere, or glamming out for Hef's next bash at the manor.

While it is hard work gliding through each day and night (and after-hours) looking gorgeous with a touch of naughty, Minx is here to lead the way. The golden flash of fingernail as you beckon for the brunch waiter… the sparkling arc as you firmly grasp the last pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale… the perky glint of silver wrapped around a fresh Pinkberry smoothie… once you've been Minxed, your life will never be the same...

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