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Nanokeratin Hair Treatments

Nanokeratin Hair Treatments

New Exclusive Hair/Extension Permanent Repair System - Nanokeratin. As seen in Vogue, Marie Claire, Maddison, New Woman and many other press articles.

Is your hair or extensions dry,course, dull or lifeless? Colouring, straighteners, blow-dryers, the sun and swimming pool chemicals all can contribute to this. Approximately 90% of human hair is comprised of a protein called Keratin, this is responsible for resistance to these processes. Keratin also promotes shine, softness and health of our hair. State of the art Nanokeratin system uses bio-chemically engineered monomolecular keratin, so small millions fit on a pin head! This fine mist inserts tiny particles into hair structure filling and permanently repairing damaged areas. The nano-molecules are locked in with another mist forming permanent and insoluble keratin.

Ordinary conditioners/treatments contain these essential keratin molecules however they are too large to penetrate deeply into our hair/extensions, giving only a temporary effect (until next wash) with this latest technology these nano-molecules are permanently locked into our hair structure. Creating softness, health and shine.

Recently scientists in Brazil have discovered this advanced nanotechnology which basically permanently repairs/restructures damaged hair. I have been been lucky enough to test this out first hand on my own hair and extensions. I was amazed with the results hence deciding to purchase the new system for my clients. All hair types benefit from this new permanent treatment, particularly extremely damaged/porous hair. Extremely damaged hair may need up to three treatments over a month or so, first treatment will produce 80% restructure of hair, second treatment 90% and 100% restructure with third treatment.

Regular top-ups every 4 or so months (or after chemical processes) are recommended to keep hair in ultimate condition. Treatment takes about 40 mins on short hair and around an hour on long hair.

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Nano-Keratin Hair Treatment $99.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this treatment be used on any type of hair or just hair that has been chemically damaged?
Tanagra Nanokeratin can be used on all hair types and any type of damage with amazing results. Hair, which is just a little dry, will only need to have 2 treatments to recover the strands. Clients who have chemical damage will require 4 treatments to completely recover damage. Because this treatment repairs hair from the inside, clients may not notice a huge difference in their hair until their 2nd or 3rd treatment.

What length of time should be between treatments?
Treatment should be done at 7 to 10 day intervals with a top up every 4 – 6 months.

Can I wash my hair in that time?
Yes, after 24 hours, just to allow the treatment to settle.

What should I use to wash my hair/extensions?
Moisturising shampoos and conditioners.

Can I have a colour done after this treatment?
Yes, however wait at least 10 days before colouring.

How long will the treatments last?
Nano is a permanent reconstruction protein, but abuse of hair; such as salt water, the environment, colouring, perming, straightening and chlorine will have its effect but can be simply remedied with 1 Nano "Top up".

Can I have this treatment done if I am pregnant?
Yes, however we advise you to wear a Nano face mask for precautionary measures.